Girl from Croatia having squint surgery

Marta Before Surgery


Marta After Surgery


Message from Dad straight after surgery

Hi Mr Reddy

‘I’m sending you a Marta’s picture before and after surgery.

It is a really big difference. For Mr.Reddy to have it in his portfolio.

Many thanks for everything!’

This is an email I recently received from a patient from Croatia. She was 6 years of age and had an ingoing squint that was much worse when she was looking up. I had a couple of choices in the surgical correction. I could have operated on 4 muscles or on 2 muscles. I opted to operate on 2 and move their positions to control this squint. This would mean less pain for Marta and less scarring. Surgery on 2 muscles was effective and the post-operative pictures show that she has done very well. The larger squint when she looked up has been reduced. The family were delighted which is why the above email was sent.

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