Our little man’s journey…

After seeing several specialist consultants in the NHS and private sector over a number of years, it was confirmed that our son had an alternating squint. He was 4 years old. We were asked to monitor any changes, which we did for two years. In this period the angle of the squint remained consistent. However, our sons reading vision was excellent.

When he turned six we decided that he would have to undergo an operation for a chance to restore his 3D vision and maintain as normal as possible eye vision and appearance.

Being aware of the superb reputation of Moor fields eye hospital. After thorough research we filtered through consultants who treated the type of condition our son had and decided that Mr Reddy met our needs.

Our initial meeting with Mr Reddy gave us the confidence and reassurance we needed as parents going through this for the first time, which is something we hope this testimonial will provide for other parents going through similar circumstances. Mr Reddy was warm and evidently knowledgeable with regards to this subject matter.

He was very thorough when examining our son, we never felt rushed or pressured in to making a decision but instead we were presented with information that we could review.

We went ahead with surgery for alternating squint in both eyes in August. We were apprehensive and nervous as any parent would be but were put at ease by Dr Reddy, as was our son. Before the procedure, the nurses and staff were friendly and attentive to our sons needs.

Dr Reddy made himself fully available before, during and after the procedure. The aftercare routine that we were to provide at home was fully explained. We felt confident at administering the various eye drops provided. Nearly four months on, the angle of the squint has significantly reduced and is now in the acceptable range. A point to note and take comfort from is that this does not happen immediately post-surgery but it takes time for the eyes to adjust, this was pointed out to us. We have a happy, confident boy once more, thanks to Dr Reddy.