Wearing new glasses

If your child has poor vision, we will advise glasses. Parents sometimes get confused between the strength of glasses and vision.


This is how much your child can see. Orthoptists assess vision which is why you will always have an orthoptist assessment. Some children can see well without glasses and some children can only see with glasses. The glasses may be thick and strong , but they are important as your child can see with them.


It is quite common for children not to take to their glasses immediately. This is because it is a change for them and ,as for adults with a new prescription, they may feel a bit sea sick to begin with. Their brain also needs to adapt to the new visual status which can take several months.
If there are glasses in the family, it is easier but it can be quite daunting for a family who have never had eye problems before. Therefore, we would advise just starting with 15 mins to begin with and then build up. Try not to make it a battle and try to encourage as they may just refuse otherwise. We have found using these principles work very well.

You may receive a prescription from clinic. The notation shows the Sphere first and then the Astigmatism.

+2.00/+1.00 x 090

+2.00 is the sphere and +1.00 is the astigmatism

There are different ways of writing this. It is the same as +3.00/-1.00 x 180 although they may look very different.

If you are seen privately, you will not be eligible for a NHS voucher so you will have to pay. Please note that most glasses cost about £50. Although you may be advised to pay for lots of additional extras they are unnecessary, particularly if your child refuses to wear them which sometimes happens.