Occlusion therapy (patching)

There are 2 different ways to improve the vision in one eye after the use of glasses.

  • Patching
  • It is thought that the maximum vision can be obtained with 400 hours of patching. In younger children under 4, 1 to 3 hours of patching will be sufficient whereas in older children 2 to 4 hours should be effective.

  • Drops (Atropine in the good eye at weekends).

During occlusion therapy (patching or drops) your child needs to be seen regularly to ensure the good eye is not being damaged.

  • Success rates vary from 60 to 75% of children
  • The treatment effect lasts for one year in 80% of cases. However, this may drop off after further years.
  • Weaning off patching is thought to be better than stopping immediately as the vision is less likely to drop..
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