It is essential that children are assessed in a child friendly environment by professionals who regularly examine and treat children. Our team has a wide range of experience from relatively straightforward conditions to life-threatening disorders affecting children's eyes. Although examining children can be challenging, our team are passionate about the care they provide for their patients.

Our team includes an orthoptist (an eye care professional who can assess children's vision and alignment of the eyes) and a consultant paediatric ophthalmologist (children's eye doctor). Your overall care will be under the paediatric ophthalmologist who will be responsible for your child's diagnosis, treatment and surgery (if necessary).

Our specialists have an active research and teaching interest so that GPs, opticians, orthoptists and paediatricians are aware of the current diagnostic tests and treatments that are available to children.

1) Squint
2) Lazy eye (amblyopia)
3) Other children's eye conditions

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