Gina Harris

Gina Harris is a Senior Orthoptist who has been practising with Moorfields Eye Hospital for 27 years, having qualified from the School of Orthoptics (University of Sheffield) in 1991. Instrumental in setting up the Moorfields Outreach Clinics in both Potters Bar and Northwick Park Hospital, she continues to work consistently on the NHS as well as in private practice. Her clinical interests include paediatric and adult squint, amblyopia (especially in older children), ocular motility disorders (including double vision), and orthoptics for children with neurological or other systemic conditions and developmental delay. Gina has also worked in Australia where she mentored Orthoptic students at The University of Sydney. She currently works for Moorfields Eye Hospital (NHS and private), Clementine Churchill Hospital, Clinica in Harley Street, and Hospital of St. John & St. Elizabeth