CA Inferior Oblique Surgery

Cameron Airth’s  Story:

Mr Reddy performed an operation on my eye in July 2015 , to correct my squint . I was getting double vision and my head tilted to compensate for the squint which was uncomfortable  . I was really nervous of having the operation as it was on my eye and I didn’t want to go blind ! But it all went totally fine . The op was fine and the hospital was really comfortable .I came in the morning and my mum was allowed to come down to the theater with me while I had the anesthetic . Afterwards it didn’t hurt as much as I thought and I went home that afternoon with an eye patch , some pain killers and some drops to use for a few weeks afterwards . I took the patch off the next day and there was a bit of blood but we could see that the squint was much better straight away . It is now even better and I don’t get double vision and no tilt .

I am so glad I had the operation – I didn’t need to be nervous and I would say to anyone to have it .


Thank you very much Mr Reddy ,

From Cameron Airth .


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