Adult having Squint Surgery

“Just over a year ago, I went to see Mr Reddy as I was so unhappy with how my squint looked. He had been highly recommended to me by an extremely reliable source. I was 39 and had already had my left eye operated on both as a small child and as a young adult. Sadly, it had not stayed in position for very long after either operation. I would never let anyone take a photo of me as I was so self-conscious about how badly my eye turned out. It was definitely affecting my quality of life – something which Mr Reddy immediately understood.

Having measured the extent of the squint he was able to advise me of all my options. Surgery was, for me, the only answer but obviously, it was a big step to take. As the mother of 3 young children, it is always hard to take time out for me. A month later the operation was done – mainly under a general anaesthetic but then “tweaked” slightly later that day while I was awake. It was not at any stage painful. On the day Mr Reddy was delighted with the result and he remains so a year later. I never mind having my photo taken now and I am confident that my eyes are moving together and looking in the direction that I think they are! I feel so much better about the way I look and could not be more pleased to have been to see Mr Reddy. His expertise, attention to detail and, almost most importantly, his understanding and sympathetic approach made all the difference to me. I had every faith in him and would recommend him to anyone in a similar situation.”