Risks Of Squint Surgery

In squint surgery a muscle that moves the eye needs to have its function altered. This means moving it to another position or shortening it to strengthen it. The needle is placed into the sclera which is a thin layer of the eye.

80% of operations need to be performed only once. There is a chance of undercorrection and overcorrection in 20% of cases and repeat surgery may be necessary.

The eyes will be red for 3 months and drops will be necessary for 1 month.

Uncommon problems

  • The muscle may not stick to the eye and a repeat operation may have to be performed very soon afterwards.
  • A 1 in 6,000 chance of the needle going into the eye. Poor vision may result due to infection but not always.
  • An allergy to stitches may occur which will result in small areas of inflammation.
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